Mission Statement

“We are not in the business of selling martial arts. We are in the business of selling confidence. We are in the business of transforming souls to make them shine. It’s not a sport. It’s not a martial art. It’s a lifestyle.” – Renzo Gracie


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Professor Mike Calimbas
Professor Mike CalimbasBJJ Black Belt / General Manager
Professor Lester Batres
Professor Lester BatresBJJ Black Belt / Professional MMA Fighter / Kickboxing Instructor
“Beautiful academy that is improving their training areas as we speak. Brian is not only a welcoming instructor but a great person who truly cares about his students. Safe and clean school for everyone to train in.”
Chris Papandria
“Great instructor, and great atmosphere. All ages, genders, and belt levels there. Super friendly class. Anyone could go and have a good time learning a practical martial art.”
Brandon Johnson
“Life changing journey. Much thanks to all my training partners, professors and coaches. The instruction is precise & the experience and wisdom is priceless.”
Justin Cheung
“My son loved the class and I can say we are now part of the family. Instructors are great and they expect nothing but the classes attention and no excuses.”
Sky Trevino

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