On Tuesday, April 19th Renzo Gracie Lake Houston kicks off its Yoga program. Slated on the schedule for 11am on Tuesdays & Thursdays, Yoga will be a tremendous addition to our already full schedule of class programs along with being a complement to all.

Here’s an excerpt from Grappling Insider on how yoga benefits those who do BJJ:

“Over the last few years, world-class BJJ practitioners are being increasingly drawn to yoga as a means of better conditioning their body. If you ask anyone that practices both yoga and BJJ, they will likely tell you how closely related both art forms are, and how well they compliment one another. BJJ is a physically grueling and injury prone martial art, and considering flexibility has proven to help prevent injuries – yoga is a great way to improve flexibility and prevent injury. Injuries to varying degrees are a consistent part of BJJ, to the point where they are almost unavoidable. By paying attention to your body and focusing on sensitive areas you can recover quicker and even prevent certain injuries.”

As to what to expect in yoga class, practitioners can expect a few things.

One, you an expect an environment well suited for calming your body and mind. Yoga is a discipline that encompasses many aspects, so you’ll find one hour of calm and peace when you step into a yoga class.

Two, you can expect the practice to gradually improve your flexibility. 3rd degree Roger Gracie BB Nicolas Gregoriades stated, “Of all the additional systems and methods I’ve used to improve my jiu jitsu ability, I consider yoga to be by far the most effective. So much so, that I’ve eliminated almost all other supplemental training from my regime. This includes, kettle-bell training, Olympic lifting, swimming and rock climbing. I’m not claiming these aren’t great ways to improve your jiu-jitsu. I’m saying that, at this point, I get a far bigger return investing my limited time into the practice of yoga.”

Lastly, you can expect to go at your own pace. We were all born flexible, but each person can start from wherever they are, and continue to evolve through the practice of yoga.

RGLH yoga is a $25/add-on per month for existing BJJ/KB members and $50/mo. for new members.

Watch the video below to hear from our yoga instructor, Yoshi and how she feels our teammates will benefit by taking her class: