This week’s holiday celebrations included some Jiu-JItsu with RGLH co-owner Prof. Brian Marvin and crew hosting BrewJitsu at Spotts Park in downtown Houston!

For those of you that don’t know, Prof. Brian and Prof. Mick (Maynard) began the concept in Summer 2019 after we opened RGLH as a way to bring the Houston BJJ community together, promote camaraderie and contribute to worthy causes. To date Brewjitsu has hosted events in Houston and South Texas while raising funds for organizations like WeDefy Foundation (combating veteran PTSD) and Texas Search and Rescue.

The organization has also taken up donations for the Houston homeless and continues to seek out ways to contribute to our local communities in concert with Team Renzo Gracie and other local BJJ teams.

Today was another great time with Brewjitsu hosting its fourth Houston, TX event and everyone having a great time despite the cold and the rain.

Check out some pictures below and stay tuned for the next Brewjitsu community open mat coming soon!