Thank you to everyone that came out to our very first antibullying seminar this past weekend!

We had kids attend from schools all around Summerwood, Fall Creek, Atascocita, and surrounding areas zoned to Humble ISD. Although most of our schools in the area are highly-rated and we are part of some great communities, bullying can still be an issue especially at school, so we’re glad they all decided to come!

The most important thing to us with teaching children antibullying tactics at this seminar was to give the kids strategies to diffuse potential bullying situations. In just a short amount time I feel like we accomplished that goal. The kids walked out more confident and aware than they were when they walked in so for us, it was a success!

Thank you so much to the House Police Department officers and those from other jurisdictions who came out to participate in this and co-host as members of the Iron Pigs. They ae a 501(c)(3) with the goal of teaching jiujitsu for community betterment just like us so it felt really natural to partner with them. To be able to provide donations to police officers who have been murdered or injured in the line of duty was definitely an added bonus. These guys are awesome and we are very appreciative of what they do!

Thank to everyone who participated, coached, promoted, and attended as part of this event.

Stay tuned for the next one because we will never stop fighting for what’s right – including making sure our kids are aware and know how to diffuse or end bullying situations.

See you on the mats!

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