Keeping your BJJ clean is probably one of the most considerate things you can do for your teammates. Why? Because nobody likes to train with someone that stinks!

There’s nothing more off-putting than driving home and smelling the odor of someone else besides yourself. And being stuck underneath someone that stinks is just as bad! Now it happens and that’s just part of the game but we can all be more considerate and help each other out!

Here at Renzo Gracie Lake Houston, the overall cleanliness is a priority! We want to keep the academy clean and require our students to do the same of themselves for the benefit of our entire community!

Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts regarding how we should clean our gis. Here are some helpful common-sense tips on how what to do in order to keep your BJJ gi clean:

  • DO make sure to wash it immediately after every practice! Doing so will help keep them from retaining any funky smells.
  • DO NOT keep your gi in your vehicle’s trunk ever. Your gi will retain any smell that lingers in your car. Although your nose may not be able to smell it, your teammates probably can.
  • DO use warm water when washing your gis. Some gi manufacturers will say that warm water may shrink your gis but most come pre-shrunk already so this shouldn’t have much detrimental effect. Drying has more of an effect on gi shrinkage. (more on this below)
  • DO NOT use hot water to wash your gis. You don’t need to and it will weaken the fabric faster over time.
  • DO hang dry your gis. Make sure to find an appropriate place and make sure they’re fully washed first. Drying gis this way may cause them to feel a little stiffer at first but it will maximize the lifespan of your gi and prevent shrinkage.
  • DO NOT throw your gi into the dryer on high unless you don’t mind if it shrinks a little. Air drying is preferred, as putting in a gi in a dryer will soften the material and weaken the threads over time.
  • DO use good detergents that counter or eliminate bad odors. You can also wash with a little bit of vinegar as well and that should help get rid of any bad smells.
  • DO NOT rely on one gi. Make sure you have multiple, especially if you’re training more than one day a week.

That’s all for now. Remember, as humans become accustomed to our own odors so while you may not be able to smell yourself, your teammates definitely can so make sure to be courteous and take care of your personal hygiene and wash those gis!

See you on the mats!