As we continue to grow the program at Renzo Gracie Lake Houston, one of the things we are most proud of is the diversity of our classes. Many different people from all walks of life come to train at our Summerwood / Fall Creek area location and it is amazing!

The growth in numbers within our female BJJ student population has been particularly awesome to see. Last week we took the picture below after one of our classes. Out of all the students on the mat, we had 13 females in the photo and that’s not including Sydney and Mayara!

15 female students on the mat during jiujitsu class and we want that number to continue to grow!

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Recommend us to your friends! There’s no higher compliment to us than helping us grow the school and continuing to build the positive and encouraging environment we want to continue putting in place for our students.
  • If your workplace or group of friends could benefit from a self-defense workshop, let us know! It’s an unfortunate fact that women are at higher risk for being physically assaulted by a larger person. Around the holidays can be a particularly dangerous time. We want those in our community to be empowered and aware. If there is ever an opportunity where we can show the benefit of jiujitsu to folks and help them, we would be willing to that. And we’re always willing to take suggestions from our students on how we can.
  • If you have family members / other people you know that have been on the fence about training, tell them what BJJ has done for you then ask them to come in and try a free class so they can see for themselves!
  • Connect with your teammates! Especially if you’re a female, taking advantage of coordinated off-hour training is a great way to improve! For example, if a small group of you want to go to open mat together, you will also improve together. In turn, you’ll help your other teammates when you get back to class.

Our Ultimate Goal

One of our main goals for growth when we opened Renzo Gracie Lake Houston was to grow a program large enough to be able to sustain a Women’s Only BJJ Class – focused on both self-defense and also competition down the road.

Three months down the road and we’re closer to that goal than we thought! We’d love to make this a reality sooner rather than later so let’s continue to grow!

For membership info and to take advantage of our Black Friday Special, feel free to call us at (281)-500-0075 or email [email protected].